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What should I do? ?

So back in November, I went over to my Grandma's/Aunt's (let's call her C)  house and my other aunt came over ( let's call her T)  and I had a beer with her. One beer. ( Keep in mind I'm underage.) So in the morning, my aunt C found out that I had a beer and she threw a fit. 

We ended up having a huge argument, but we all agreed not to tell my mother because she wouldn't want me to come back for a visit. 

Well, I told my mom about it and she didn't care about the beer. But for some reason, I told her that I told aunt C to **** off during the argument ( which I didn't) and that she went and cried in the washroom. Both were lies. 

I almost never lie, so I'm not sure why I did. But it doesn't matter. Tomorrow my mother, my brother and I are going over there to celebrate my grandma's birthday. I'm worried that my mom is going to say something about me telling Aunt C to **** off ( I didn't.) 

So like I could just say nothing and run the risk of my mom talking to them about something that I didn't say, or I could make my mom promise not to say anything to them. 

What do you think? Please help ASAP, we're going to her birthday TOMOROW! 

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  • Pearl
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    3 months ago

    just tell your mom it wasnt true what you said

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  • 3 months ago

    Own it. You made a mistake, so be 100% to reality. Do not address any other bickering just be honest and accept the outcome. It sounds like your aunts have their own agenda. I'd rather see you with your parent's trust.

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