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How can i bulk and gain muscle  faster?

Im not a skinny guy nor am i fat im average but i want to beef up i dont particularly care for abs at the moment but i want to bulk, all I really know to do is just eat more calories and do weights? But i feel like im doing it all wrong i want my shoulders and arms to be bigger mainly but without gaining a belly, im unsure what exercises

 to do or what to eat or what products I should use such as protein shakes, cartine pills and so on it all seems confusing and the webs left me spoilt for choice, sorry if this all seems muddled up im new to all the training. 

But what should i do to be sure ill start gaining in mass ?

(Like i said im not very interested in looking shredded i want to look beefy” 

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    8 months ago
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    Our perception of how much muscle is possible has been greatly distorted since steroids were first synthesized in 1934.   The amount of muscle that can be gained by most people without steroids is very limited. 

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