Is my close friend really my real friend and am i walking on eggshells or am i too sensitive?

when she talking sometimes she complains that i made a look to her eg.rolled my eyes when actually i wasent aware that i did that but i tell her i didnt and she doesnt believe me. she also makes me feel awkward or stupid when i tell a joke and shames me by saying that wasent funny really loud and gives me a weird look infront of people.& rolls her eyes and calls me childish out loud just cus i did the peace sign. Im skinny but i have double chin.i asked her do i have a double chin&she says back ’noo u just have a fat chin (she said it with confidence) &i said back ‘’ah ok thanks for the compliment &then she says back‘’ it wasn’t a compliment.She doesnt think of my feelings, She can get angry at me easily like one time she said to me ‘’ i have changed so much, i look so different from my childhood pics& i said back to her ‘’u too ‘’& then she gets angry at me, giving me a angry look saying back ;ur only saying that just cus i said that & i was like ‘’ no its the truth u have changed aswell &then she says back u don’t have to say it just cus i said it.&in class yesterday she was like ‘’ just ask the teacher to check your score&i was like no i don’t want to ask her because i haven’t done the assignment ( in my stressed voice ) & then out of no where shes like’’ you don’t have to speak to me like that, your acting as if i’m forcing u to ask her (giving me a angry look) I was so confused because i wasn’t angry at her, i was just stressed because i hadn't done my teacher assignment


she also make these unnecessary remarks when i do something like if i put my hand up when we were crossing, she said ‘’u don’t need to put your hand up’’& when she makes these snide remarks she says it a bit quiet & she doesn’t say it in a nice way.Shes the only close friend i have in class and hang around with. I sit next to her in class. She doesn't talk much with the other people in class but out of class she talks to some few friends, she mostly has her earphones in her ears in class.

Update 2:

Some little things I do can get her angry without me knowing that what i will do will trigger her. I would never do these things to her so why would she do to it to me, not once has she ever apologised for her these things. Sometimes I feel like shes trying to look for an argument so we can fall out (not be friends) and I feel like shes a toxic friend and  i’m walking on eggshells with her or maybe i’m just being too sensitive??

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  • glcang
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    1 month ago

    She is NOT your friend. She is just using you to bolster her lousy self esteem. I had a ‘ friend ‘ like that and it took me years to realize I didn’t need them in my life and what an *** they were. Do yourself a favor and avoid her. If she asks why,,be honest. Never let anyone make you small. 

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