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I don't want him to think Im interested in him. Advice?

There's this guy at my university who always used to make eye contact and smile at me. There would be many people around but still he would just smile at me while making eye contact in the hallways. People don't generally smile at strangers in my city so I found it unusal and I noticed him. I didn't think much of it the first time but he kept smiling just at me in the hallways. I started to think that he either wanted to be friends or was romantically interested. I was not attracted to him at all at that point because he looked very young. That was a year or 2 ago. Whenever he would look at me, I would look away just because I didn't know what to do. If he liked me, I didn't want to lead him on. Now, he notices me in the hallways but doesnt smile or anything. I also recently found out that he's was in a relationship ( his "girlfriend" calls him husband so married?) and he's friends with my crush of 3 years ( almost over him). Long story short: I was coming back from the gym and they have a separate gym for athletes and I could see inside through a clear window. My crushes sports team was working out so I was looking for him because I don't know if he's on campus because he's graduated but helps out. My eyes landed on this guy because he was wearing a different colour than everyone and in the split second that it took me to recognize him he looked up. I looked away and moved away from the window so he couldnt see me. 


I'm afraid that he's going to think I like him because this is the second time he caught me looking at him. The first time was when he was sitting with a girl and I had just found about about his girlfriend so I was trying to figure out who she was. He caught me looking in his direction and I looked away embarrsed. How can I make sure he knows that Im not interested in him because last few situations show that I am but just shy

Update 2:

Should I continue to make eye contact with him?but I'm afraid it's going to seem like I like him. Also I should mention that his appearance has changed and hes grown out his beard.Overall,he looks more mature now. I don't want to admit this but I'm slightly attracted to him and don't want it to turn into intense attraction or a crush. Prolonged eye contact intensify attraction so thats why I usually look away from him now

Update 3:

Sorey for the long rant 

Update 4:

I forgot to mention this but once he was talking to a girl( i didnt see her face) but he was looking at me the entire time as I walked past instead of her. That's when I started to think that he might like me. I dont want this to go anywhere 

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