Do girls get jealous of each other ?

So I approached this really hot girl at the mall but she was with her friend. Her friend kept making faces when I was talking to her friend. the girl I approached gave me her number and gave me a hug. Her friend just gave me an ugly look so idk what was she thinking 

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    1 month ago
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    Girls do get jealous of each other but with her friend, she really could've thought you were ugly and likely talked smack about you after you were finished talking to her hot friend. 

    I remember once when I went to a 50 themed diner by myself to eat.

    It must've been before or after I got my haircut at the salon that wasn't too far from that diner.

    There were 2 teenage girls.

    One called me"Ugly" while the other one called me, "Cute."

    I wasn't going to approach the girl who called me, "Cute," because I was still in my early 20's at the time (I'm 35 now).

    Just because that chick's friend gave you an ugly look and likely talked badly about you, it's nothing you did. 

    She's the one with the problem. 

    I'd say let the incident go and hopefully that girl at the mall got back to you.

    I hope that I've helped answer your question and take care. ~Alan

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      Love your view. Yea were texting right now 

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    1 month ago

    She was thinking you were rude, which you were.  They were hanging out and you butted in to get her friend's number, even though they were in the middle of spending time together.

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  • 1 month ago

    Sometimes girls want to spend time with their friends without guys bugging them. Or she may not have found you attractive and didn't know why her friend was being friendly with you. Whatever. Why do you care? You got the number of the "hot girl". 

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