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When Kirk needs to sleep, does he put Spock in charge? If both need rest, who keeps the Enterprise from facing harm?

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    Starfleet seems to operate under a naval model. 

    There would be several bridge officers capable of commanding the ship under routine conditions.  When an emergency would arise, the senior officers would be called to the bridge.

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    As in the modern Navy, when a lower ranking officer serves as the shift commander, that is when the higher ranked officers can rest or sleep.

    In the case of a critical emergency, the higher ranked officers would be immediately awoken and summoned for duty.

    On Star Trek, TOS, Kirk was the Captain, next was Spock, as First Officer, and the next ranking officer was Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer, and a Lieutenant Commander in rank, next to Spock's full Commander rank.

    Lieutenant Sulu and Uhura were both command qualified as Bridge officers, so they could be placed in charge in the absence of the higher ranking officers.

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    It's a military vessel.  Everyone has ranks and there is a clear line of succession.  In the show, it was usually Sulu (the helmsman) who was next in charge, and if Sulu was also off ship, Scotty was next.

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    When Kirk and Spock would leave the bridge together, Kirk would generally announce that Sulu had command as they were leaving. 

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