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Why does my ex keep texting me even though she is married?

My ex and I broke up a few years ago and we are kind of friends. But the last time we were intimate was the beginning of last year. But during last summer I kind of backed off and all and started doing my own things. But she still texts me saying she misses me and wants to see me and stuff like that. Why is this? I am confused. 

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    First off I do agree with one thing this gentleman said, you need to just walk away.  She obviously regrets getting married and is using you to enforce that.  If she still loves you then you need to back off and let her figure it out due to you don't want to be the one she leaves her husband for and then resents you for it.  She still has feelings for you and didn't leave them behind before starting another relationship.  And that is also because you stayed friends.  I am going thru the same thing right now, he calls me all the time and stays on the phone for hours at a time just talking about whole lot of nothing really and he has a new girlfriend.  I have tried to back off and not answer his calls but I still have strong feelings for him so it is hard.  But I know it is the right thing to do because he has to figure this out on his own and not use me as a way out.  He also needs to figure it out without my opinion involved.  So she needs to do the same, she has to come to grips with if she wants to stay married or if she made a mistake and needs out.  So if she continues to text just don't reply and she will either stop and figure things out with her husband or she will realize she made a mistake and get out of her marriage and she can confront you in person if she still wants to be with you

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    I think she keeps contacting because you keep answering. 

    Change your number 

    Block social media

    She's still emotionally attached and hasn't moved on...

    You have to put a stop to it by changing #, blocking sites, stop answering 

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    Firstly, never be friends with an ex. She is yanking your chain mate, so be strong and tell her to bugger off. Women are experts at this crap if you allow it.

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