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The plucked string go a guitar and the sound as it fades away can be represented by a damped sine wave that has an equation of the form y=2^-t. sketch a graph of the function for 0<t<2pie.

Please if you could help me with the graph possible thanks

1 Answer

  • It's going to be bounded by y = 2^(-t)

    y = 2^(-t) * cos(t) ought to do.  Try it out.  It's not the only possible function that would work, but it should give you an idea as to what they're looking for.

    You can even mess with the parameters of cos(t).  For instance:

    y = 2^(-x) * cos(4t)

    If you have a graphing calculator, set the x-min to 0, the x-max to 2pi, y-min to -1 and y-max to 1.  You'll see what they want.

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