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Should I ghost my ex?

We dated for 4 years and had to breakup cuz of an unfortunate situation. I moved out of the country for job purposes, but I'm back for a while now. I contacted him and we've been hooking up 3-4 times a week. Nothing else, although I feel like his feelings for me came back. Below is the text I received from him today:

"I don't understand why we can't be together. I'm willing to move with you, but I would need some time for that. It's so obvious that what we had is still there. I miss all of you. I don't want these hookups to mean nothing cuz God they mean everything to me."

My feelings for him never changed, but our relationship doesn't have a future. I don't do long distance cuz it's pointless. I'm a Web Designer and my job requires lots of moving. Even if he moves, it's impossible for him to get a new job every 6 months that I move. Plus I want to focus on myself and my career. I'm leaving in February again.

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    If he means nothing to you then sure ghost him. Means you had or have zero respect for him. What has he done wrong? Nothing by the sounds of it. Be a grown women and face your problems. Tell him exactly what you said. Ghosting hurts more than the truth. He sounds like he loves you so just tell him so he can move on. Yeah it might be hard but it’s the right thing.

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    Well you could keep acting like a stupid little child and leading him on or you could grow up and tell him you see no future with him and you are a just a skanky whore that likes hooking up.

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