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Is getting a two year degree in communications if the 2nd year is a s specific major better than a 4 year Bachelor's degree?

I got accepted to Lethbridge College's Digital Communications and Media program and in their second year they either have the choice of getting into: Advertising and Broadcast or Journalism. I was thinking of expanding by knowledge and go for a four degree in communications, but the program is very general. I was to into the media, be an advertiser, social media specialist or similar jobs around those focus. What do you guys think is the best option?

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    "Better" in what way?  You need to ask the people who are hiring for the jobs you think you want.  You an also ask the folks at Lethbridge to give you stats on where there graduates are working and in what specific jobs.  Also, there is huge difference from learning how to, say, be a news anchor and developing advertising campaigns and be the person who Tweets on behalf of a company.  You'll need to figure out what it is you want to do and what exact skills are expected by hiring managers for those jobs.

    I don't know Canada, but in the U.S., you'd be hard pressed to get hired at a TV station, new organization, or even at a marketing/advertising agency without a bachelor's degree.  

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    Communications, media, has been a glamour occupation at least since the 1960s, probably the 1950s, and is chronically glutted with wannabes. You have no realistic chances of breaking into any sort of job in related fields (media, advertising, PR, etc.) with less than a bachelor's. And depending on what you want to do, you probably need a master's from a top-notch school.

    Everybody thinks they want to go into social media these days (or gaming for compu-geeks). There are few, if any, actual jobs in the field. And very, very few people hit on a topic, blog, etc, that captures intense interest & followers. Fewer still actually end up making money off it. Are you caught up in glamour, or actually have something SIGNIFICANT to contribute?

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    No. Sorry but a Bachelor is always above an Associates degree

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