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Should I give a struggling co-worker money?

I have this co worker who recently just got kicked out of her lease by the landlord because her boyfriend shot a gun in the air and had a fight with a neighbor.Well the ex-boyfriend is in jail and now she broken up with him.Now she is a single mom and now living in a hotel the past 2-3 weeks.She is trying to find a place but all of the places want over $1000 a month which she can’t afford.Her rent was $650 before.Well she asked me if I had any room at my house.Which I don’t and her parents does not either.So should I give her some money(maybe like $100) and help her out or you think it’s a bad idea?i heard it’s not appropriate but my mind is telling me too but I heard giving money to co-worker can change dynamic of relationship that just happen to me recently with another co-worker.What should I do take the chance or?

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  • 8 months ago

    NO..... you need to stay away from her and her problems.. THEY are just going to cause you problems if you get involved.. a piece of asss isnt worth it. 

    YOU DO NOT WANT TO TAKE HER IN you will be causing yourself more problems in the long run... 

    her parents wont let her even use the couch take that as a warning sign...

  • D50
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    8 months ago

    Well, $100 is a lot cheaper than letting her move in or getting involved with her. Her boyfriend will be a big problem when he gets out of the slammer. She wants security for herself and her offspring. Be very careful.

  • Raja
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    8 months ago

    Helping a person in need is a noble quality.Your past experience of giving money indicate that the result is not that favourable . This may be a different case more deserving. Anyway 100 $ may not be sufficient .It is far better if you can find out cheaper accommodation for her.She can always apply for a personal loan from her work place if there is such a scheme in operation.Let her get in touch with the welfare officer of the Company explain her position and seek assistance .Avoid getting personally involved. 

  • Jan C
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    8 months ago

    I feel she deserves support from friends and others who are willing to help. I think God knows all about her and what has happened.  Everyone deserves another chance. 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    She reproduced, and then gave birth, and she now has her own kid. Her reproducing is going to cost more money, for her. NOT, FOR YOU!!!

    She should have been saving money. NOT HAVING A BABY!!!

    There is a lesson, for her to learn. Not, for you to learn.

    Don't give her anything.

    Regarding myself I don't have a kid, or girlfriend, or wife. I am choosing to save my money, so I can buy my own home.

    I am also further bettering myself, and this is something that she is not doing.

    Lastly I am a male by the way.

  • Sally
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    8 months ago

    Do not give her any money.  Charity just creates dependency.   

    Source(s): Donald Trump
  • Alan H
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    8 months ago

    Offer to help in other ways than giving her money 

    You may find support if you approach The Salvation Army

  • 8 months ago

    A hundred is not going to help her out, she can't sleep on the couch or a pallet at your house?

  • 8 months ago

    BAD IDEA. You are not responsible for your co-worker's problems. That's what Social Services are for. You pay your taxes and part of those taxes go to SS to help people such as your co-worker. She has a gun-toting ex who likes arguing with other people and firing into the air. THAT is what you will be bringing into your life if you allow her to stay with you or give her money. It's not your business. This woman has to sort her own life out for herself while the kids' dad is in jail and become independent. Just be glad there was no spare room in your house. Sympathise with her by all means - but don't get her financially obliged to you.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    If you want to and can afford to give her the money as a gift that would be a very kind and generous thing to do. 

    Don't lend her the money, it will almost certainly destroy the relationship you have with them.

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