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A particle containing 5 protons, 4 electrons and 6 neutrons weighs as much as what? 10 protons 11 neutrons 15 neutrons 4 electrons 5 protons?

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    Masses of subatomic particles ....

    The mass of a neutron is slightly greater than the mass of a proton.  The mass of an electron is usually negligible (0.000549 amu).Proton == 1.0073 amuNeutron == 1.0087 amu

    The mass 5p + 4e- + 6n is  about 11.091 amu

    The mass of 11n is about 11.096.

    Therefore, the answer to your question is "11 neutrons."

    But I feel that a brief refresher on nuclear masses might be in order. The actual mass of the particle will not be the sum of the masses of the protons, neutrons and electrons.  It will be less than that by an amount equivalent to the binding energy of the nucleus.

    An isotope with 5 protons and 6 neutrons is B-11.  Boron-11 is a stable isotope, and has a mass of 11.0093 amu.  B-11 represents about 80% of the average atomic mass of boron.Mass of the parts = 5 x 1.0073 + 6 x 1.0087 = 11.089 amu"Missing mass" = 11.089 - 11.0093 = 0.0794 amuThe binding energy is equivalent to 0.0794 amu according to E = mc²

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    Eleven (11) Neutrons.

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    11 neutrons is the answer they want, as the weight of a proton is roughly the same as that of a neutron, while an electron weighs much, much less than either

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    The mass of protons and neutrons are virtually the same, the mass of electrons is almost zero and can be ignored.

    Thus '5 protons, 4 electrons and 6 neutrons' is essentially 5 + 6 = 11

    Which answer matches that?

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  • A.J.
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    1 month ago

    11 neutrons. nothing else close

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