Amy asked in SportsMartial Arts · 4 weeks ago

Do I have staff if a place comes up and starts iyching and moves to another part of my body?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    There are a number of skin ailments that it could be really. Have you been outside and maybe got into some poison ivy or something like that for instance? If you are working out or training someplace is that being cleaned and disinfected adequately? If not then that could be the problem. Are you using a new type of soap for showering or washing clothes that might be causing this? These are all possible reasons so do some thinking and if it persists and spreads you might need to see a doctor. Staph is very contagious and easily spreads which is why there are certain health regulations surrounding this and why places like gyms, martial arts schools, and fighting arts schools are supposed to clean everything a certain way using a disinfectant. It can spread from person to person or from equipement like mats or if you have close body contact with others when training. If it is staph then you need to let the place where you train know so that they can let everyone else know along wtih cleaning things like they should. Those infected are restricted from training and close body contact by health regulations in all fifty states and I have seen a gym shut down before because they did not take the proper approach and it had spread to a number of individuals that trained there. It got reported to the health department by some of the doctors in the area who were treating people that trained there which is also required by law in all fifty states.

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  • Jim
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    4 weeks ago

    You might want to try writing in English next time.

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