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Is this implantation bleeding? Could I be pregnant?

So for a few days I've been experiencing pms-like symptoms such as cramping, mood changes, etc. Today I started having a lot of cramps and then following them a lot of brown liquid discharge and then pink/reddish discharge after. I wasn't supposed to get my period until the 22nd of January. I had protected sex 18 days ago, I'm pretty sure the condom had no defects, but still this is abnormal.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Definitely pregnant.  Have you picked out names?

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  • Sariah
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    3 months ago


    Implantation bleeding is an "IDEA" that a small amount of vaginal bleeding can occur in early pregnancy due to the fertilized egg attaching to the inside of the uterus.

    However, there is "NO SUPPORT FOR THE NOTION THAT IMPLANTATION PRODUCES VAGINAL BLEEDING." Bleeding and spotting are common during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle as well as during early pregnancy, and for reasons unrelated to implantation.


     Females have one cycle that is ovarian with period blood and the other is uterian with the lining that holds the blood in place. Prostaglandins, the chemicals that tell your body to shed the uterine lining, happens totally independent from period blood. Your discharge is clear and sticky, the lining is white stringy mucous. This is when you will see the brown old blood. 

    Are you human or a machine with settings?  Stop holding your human body to what you expect...  come on, only 4 days difference!  Don't get all worked up about your history and comparing it to what you expect it to do now.


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