Have you noticed creative lackluster in modern film and t.v. productions? Is there a rise in disturbing images and topics?

I would not consider myself an overly-sensitive person. We could talk about this for a variety of genres: sitcoms, movies, children’s television, advertising, and reality tv. I’m writing a blog post and would love to get your opinions! As for tastelessness, swearing is the least of my worries. 

I would say I’m less satisfied with the creative strength of today’s plots and highly dissatisfied with the increase in gross images and topics. I might be satisfied with the series overall while being seriously disappointed in the use of vomiting as a transition scene. What’s weirder? Some series start out with these images, distracting from the plot. 

In what ways do you think programming has changed in the past ten years? Even when an R-rated film was on, I rarely had to babysit the fast forward button back in 2012. Without naming any specific titles, I wish to draw attention to the unpleasantries that represent lackluster in creativity. 


Medical themes- hospitals and doctors’ offices used as transitions 

Repulsion- bodily issues used as transitions 

Sex- explicit transitions 

Pregnancy- used as long term subplots 

Violence- used as the climax of the story 

Why can’t I get away from this content?

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