should i use ssd or nvme as my os drive?

i'm on origin pc making my pc and im at the storage part and i was wondering if i should use nvme or ssd as my os drive and then the other one for my storage drive

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Generally speaking, all NVMe drives are SSDs but not all SSDs are NVMe. The "e" in NVMe stands for express, which means that it interfaces with your PCI-Express bus rather than SATA like standard drives.

    PCI-Express has much higher potential speeds than SATA, meaning an NVMe drive can perform faster than a standard SATA SSD. If you have the option of one and want the fastest you can get, get NVMe for your boot drive.

    If NVMe is too expensive or your computer doesn't support it, SATA SSDs are still plenty fast for the average user. Unless you're moving huge files fairly often, you probably won't even notice the difference between the two.

    Most gaming PCs these days favor a small, fast NVMe drive as the boot drive and a larger mechanical HDD for storage. You can get NVMe drives 1TB or more but they aren't cheap and largely are unnecessary. But really you only want to use it to run your OS and maybe a couple games you play the most often.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You might want to learn a bit more about hardware first. SSD is a term that refers to Solid State Drive. This is any storage drive that has no physically moving parts (compared to a hard drive that has platters that rotate) and uses flash-based storage. An NVME drive is a type of SSD. NVMe (Non Volatile Memory express) is a type of SSD that uses the M.2 connector standard but it interfaces with the PCI-E bus on the motherboard. To add a bit more confusion. there are M.2 SSDs that use the SATA bus on the motherboard.

    NVMe drives are faster than the SATA based ones, but the speed differences usually aren't too noticeable in normal use. You would need to be reading or writing a lot to the drive to notice the enhanced speeds of an NVMe drive. I run a 1TB NVMe drive on my HP Omen laptop and it works great.

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    • Memelord Prime
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      Don't get a 2TB QVO as your boot drive. As a QLC drive, they're less reliable than the EVOs and can have awful read times when they get full, even worse than spinning platter drives.

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