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Has Harry got a strong case for unfair dismissal?

He asked to vary his working contract for family related reasons, which is his right. It sounds like insufficient effort was made to accommodate this and the Queen either dismissed him or forced him into resignation.

As an amateur lawyer, I'd advise Harry to lodge an unfair dismissal claim. I'd imagine that £50,000,000 could be sought in this case.

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    The Monarchy (UK) Ltd, like all employers, has a statutory "duty of care", towards its employees!

    It could be argued that they have failed in this, having not protected Harry and his spouse from rabid racism heaped upon them by the likes of the Daily Wail  and their unspeakable ilk in the right-wing press!

    The fact that Harry has "walked" in no way influences his right to claim constructive dismissal and to seek appropriate compensation - from the coffers of the Crown, naturally!

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    10 months ago

    He chose to go nobody forced him. It would be thrown out of Court.

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    Who did the walking!!   Case closed.   And if you suggest they were pushed out - read what HM has to say about that.

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    10 months ago

    This would be the very essence of a frivolous lawsuit.

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    Of course not.

    They refused to do the job so were not fulfilling their part of the contract.

    Megan has hardly given good value for the millions spent on her wedding, holidays, homes etc 

    As an amateur lawyer you should give up advising anyone. More delusions?

    Anyway, you should worry more about yourself, new stalking laws kick in today.

    Source(s): Not all jobs can be done on a part time basis, he had a right to ask, not to get what he wanted if it was not viable. I have access to HR advice, updated regularly, always useful to keep abreast of new legislation.
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    10 months ago

    You'd advise him to claim 50,000,000 mil from the tax pot? The parasites have enough. 

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