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Recording on garageband?

So, I am trying to record a metal record on GarageBand. I have an orange crush rt 20, and I sounds like it’s under water. I don’t know how to mix or master to make it sound good. What can I do?

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  • Carson
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    1 month ago

    It sounds like its "under water" when plugged into Garage Band?

    Set everything at 5 on the amp. No overdrive

    Go to Garage Band EQ

    0 the EQ.

    Move the channels Bass is left, treble is right, so they make a lazy V.

    Look at it in thirds and picture the instruments and vocals like this

    Bass or bottom is left

    Treble Right

    Vocals in the middle.

    The far left is very low chest thumpin bass.

    Far right is high hat, cymbals. The SSSS.

    Muddy sounds come from lows and low mids. Bands left of the middle of the EQ are the mids and low mids. Set those at +1 or+2 or +3

    Upper mids, right of center. Raise those to +5. or +6. or +7

    You'll hear the mains brighten. Find your mix from there

    I'm a frontman, not much of a guitar player. I have an analog studio in my garage.

    I'm not familiar with Garage Band.

    Go thru it's menu and see if it has an expander, it expands the frequencies.

    Is it on by default? Try moving the setting to the center. If it's off, turn it on and set it in the center.

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  • John
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    1 month ago
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