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How come when Christmas is over everybody is back to normal and nothing has Changed from November?

People are back to being just as they were before Christmas. There were no life changes at the holidays. We enjoyed Christmas and then it was over. Two weeks now since the holidays ended and it’s like they never happened for everybody is the same it looks the same as they did in November. They were all these forecast for magic but nothing happened. Don’t get me wrong I had a good Christmas it’s just now that it’s over everything’s the same again. This happens every year is things just returned to normal. How can we make them change for good next Christmas?

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    Holidays were created to make money for the commercial system. They made a lot of money and they are happy. False Christians helped the poor out one day and gave them one meal. So they feel good. But holidays are a joke or rehash of pagan holidays. There is no Santa Clause or reindeer or even and Easter bunny. So if you realize it is just a scam.

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