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How do I tell the cleaning lady at my job (who barely speaks to me) to stop treating me like my co-worker’s keeper?

She doesn’t speak very good English, but understands it perfectly.  Therefore, she’s a social butterfly in Spanish, and very “mute” in English.  She’s good friends with my co-worker, Juan, who was born and raised in America and is of Puerto Rican descent.  So he mainly speaks English, but is bilingual.  FYI, they’re good WORK friends, as they’ve worked in the same building for a long time.  Here’s how she treats he and I when seeing us for the first time in the morning:

Him: *happy to see him; starts flapping her gums in Spanish.*

Me: Hi.  Juan didn’t come in today?

She especially asks me that if she hasn’t seen him all morning.  When I first started working there, and she would ask me that, I thought he was very sick, or that she had something important to ask/tell him.  But then as the years went by and she constantly asked me if he’s here, I realize she just wants her friend so she can gossip or talk about whatever, as she can’t have full-blown conversations with anyone who doesn’t understand Spanish, most likely because she’s self-conscious because of her broken English.  I understand she doesn’t feel comfortable speaking to me, but what I don’t like is that she treats me like the unpopular kid at school who she’s asking “Have you seen the captain of the football team?” (referring to Juan) while she has no desire to speak to me or get to know me.  Should she be more considerate by not asking me where he is, when he’s not sick?


Keep in mind that Juan and I technically don’t work with her.  We are employed at a firm, while she cleans areas of the office.  So I shouldn’t have to answer her when she asks me where he is.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Whether she "should" be more "considerate" is absolutely no concern of yours. She has no obligation to cultivate a friendship with you, especially since you obviously look down on her. If you want to make things WORSE, just tell her to stop asking you where he is. If you want to make things BETTER, just smile and say you don't know where he is.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Call ICE and have her deported! White people don't have to take crap from minorities anymore.

    MAGA-Trump 2020!

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