When doing a CDR for SSI, when it asks what you do in a typical day are you suppose to write about a typical good day or a typical bad day?

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  • 8 months ago
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    what is more typical, a bad day or a good day? for example, if you only have 10 bad days per year, that would not be a fair assessment.

    but assuming you have so many bad days, the bad days make it impossible to work..you need to lean toward that.

    for me, I would say something like I average 2 productive hours per day.  I've tried to get out to the grocery store the last 2 days, but couldn't....so its worse than that.  on my good days, I might make it about 6 hours...but I wouldn't describe those days as that is usually about 1x/week.

    so I would write something like go out for up to 2 hours for groceries/walk around the grocery store for exercise or doctors appointment (even though that is not my worst day), take care of the neighbor's cat...because that is more typical..

    and then what write the non productive things you do like watch TV, read the news, etc

    if you write you are bedridden sleep all day, never leave the home, that is suspicious unless you have a care taker....so even if some days are like that, i would still average in what I can do over the course of the week..if you can get out about 21 hours per week on average, i would list about 3 hours of productive activity per day....."I average about 3 hours per day out of the house for things such as church group, grocery shopping, doctors appoints, etc."  I average 10 minutes per day light housework, 15 minutes meal prep, etc

  • 8 months ago

    You write about your typical days that would prevent you from working- than quantify them.

    Here's examples from my recent one.

    I have a venous ulcer on my ankle.  3 days a week a visiting nurse comes to debrede it, clean it,  retreat it, and rebandage it. This takes her about an hour.  Than I have stabbing pain about an hour later that lasts about an hour. I have had this ulcer since February 2019.  

    Twice a month I go to a retinologist for my macular edema. The appointment take 2-3 hours and takes place on Wednesday or Friday.  I get an injection in each eye. After the injection I go to bed and sleep til the next day because my eyes are extremely light sensitive for about 24 hours.

    I average 2-3 doctor appointments a week. Since I need paratransit I have to allow an hour to get there and back. Most appointments take about 1.5 hours. So each appointment take about 3.5 hours of my day.

  • 8 months ago

    A typical bad day, to show the nature of your disability.

  • 8 months ago

    Write about the one you have the most of.

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