Are there long-distance portable handheld two-way radios that can only communicate with each other?

Essentially I'm looking for a pack of four walkie-talkies for adults that can only communicate with each other and no other channels. They have to have a minimum of of 5 miles functioning distance but the more the better and can't be more than 2watt. Do these exist or are my only options crappy kids walkie talkies with small range or two way radios that require a license and have access to a ton of channels that anyone can listen on???

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  • 1 month ago

    Sorry, but you're asking for too much here.  


    The problem isn't that it Couldn't be done, 

    but rather that it ISN'T done. 


    You see, no one "owns" a given segment of radio spectrum.

    Government agencies (FCC, et al) grant rights to use certain ranges,

    but not with the exclusivity you want.   

    You can Not have a frequency or a set of them all to yourself, period. 

    In other words, the laws that exist REQUIRE that you allow for

    the possibility of others listening in on your conversations.

    [Strangely enough, the closest you can get to your ideal for privacy

    is the common cell phone.]



    Your choices, particularly since you want a reliable range exceeding five miles,

    are limited to licensed services and, 

    depending on the conditions that exist where you want to use these radios, 

    may well require more than two watts of output. 



    Find a radio amateur near you who can and will explain and demonstrate for you 

    how well VHF (2 meter) and UHF (70 cm) radios work in a given situation.  


    Commercial (business) and similar radios (which still require licensing) 

    operating in ranges near those amateur bands will perform pretty much identically.  



    Licensed amateur  


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