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Why won’t my cat leave my desk?

I took in my brothers cat in March of last year because he threw her out. She chose my desk as a place of comfort, and has stayed there since. She’s too anxious to go anywhere else. I have 4 other cats, they all coexist with her pretty well, but she’s nervous around them. She rarely leaves the desk, but when she does she’ll sit on the chair or come onto my bed. Sometimes I take her out into the living room and she’ll sit on the back of the couch for a while, but I don’t do that too often because I don’t want to stress her out and I don’t know if she’s comfortable with it. If I put her on my bed or on the floor, she goes right back to the desk. I thought if I gave her time, she’d see that she lives in a safe place now (she wasn’t treated well before) and she’d grow out of the desk thing but she hasn’t and I don’t know how to help her. 

She has a box and a curved scratching board that she likes to lay in, and the desk is right in front of a window that she likes to look out of. I also make sure she always has toys. But I know she isn’t being mentally or physically stimulated and I feel really bad for her. How can I get her to be comfortable and confident enough to leave the desk? 

Also, I know you’re wondering, I have a container with a snap on lid she uses as a litter box. I take the lid off 3-4 times a day so she has the opportunity to go, then put the lid back on so my room doesn’t smell like litter. 

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  • 1 year ago

    the cat has been traumatized and is also doesn't help that you limit her litter pan opportunities---she won't wander far from it in case she misses your "window"  stupidest thing ever.  when she decides to use the floor, your bed, the couch...know that one is on you.

  • Bort
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    1 year ago

    I suggest leaving this be and accepting it as part of who she is. It might just simply be that she hangs out on the desk for the view out the window.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    LMAO ! My cat loves my desk also. But when I'm sitting at it. My computer is there and she has her own little spot underneath the lamp. Her head is always leaning on my holstered handgun. Staring at me or teasing the dogs because they're not allowed on the desk because they're way too big. She'll lean over fake swiping at them. I swear that girl is laughing while she does it !

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    She may just have a very timid personality. I have a cat who's the same way. It's been about nine years, and she's never come around. She stays in my office- always. She has a litter box and food in here. She never leaves.

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