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Can Liverpool beat Arsenal invicible record?

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    No, if they end the league undefeated they won't beat Arsenals 2004 invincibles record.

    They will have matched it.

    Whether you win all 38 games and become invincibles or draw 5 or 6 or whatever,  if you don't lose any games and win the league you're invincibles.

    yes, granted, if Liverpool register more points than Arsenal did in 2004 then in that area they've beaten Arsenals points record as invincibles.

    First lets see if they can win the league undefeated.

    Its never been done more than once, and that was Arsenals 2004 season which I suspect will remain the record.

    Man City and maybe just maybe another team might just do the Scousers over.

    Man City might win a 4-3 thriller type contest, a game that see-saws left and right in favor of both teams, with Liverpool having to have to deal with insane levels of defending against City and then City the same when Liverpool have the ball etc.

    If they then lose 1 game, I suspect theres little left to care about trying to win the league without losing another, therefore Klopp might play a few kids and 2nd choice players and lose one more game.

    I fancy Man City to end their unbeaten run in the Premier League and Arsenal to remain the only team in Premier League history to achieve invincibles status to date.

    Its so hard for both City and Liverpool to be invincibles because they both exist in the same league and can beat one another.

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    Well, maybe, but I don’t think so. I think whatever happens, they won’t go this whole current season unbeaten (Just, at all). I doubt they’ll lose more than one, but I really don’t think they’ll go unbeaten. Even if, they just draw 2 or 3, I still think they’ll lose one. Then that will be their season record which is possible, whether it’s to Man City or a much lower club.  

     Of course, Arsenal WERE the last team to go a season unbeaten and that was 03/04 which was a while ago and things have much changed since. In fact, only one other team (once) has gone a professional EFL top flight season undefeated and that was Preston North End in the very first one.  

    Think that, Man City actually had a similar record 2 seasons ago, around the halfway stage of the season. People were tipping them to go unbeaten and they didn’t. They had a much poorer second half. 

    I think that Liverpool will crash/ stop being successful soon. However only 11 more games unbeaten and they have it, and, as pointed out already, after a shaky defence early in the season they haven't conceded in 7 league games, since Everton. 

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    11 more games unbeaten and they beat Arsenal's most games undefeated record. One more and they go joint second with Chelsea. Just read this today on Four Four Two. I think the wheels will come off eventually just because Klopp and his players don't seem like the kind to throw the Champions League they'll try as hard as they can to win both trophies. I'll point out they've not conceded in the league since beating Everton 5-2 in early december and between then and now only concede once against Monterrey in the CWC. The Villa game doesn't count because they were all kids. That's 11 games in a row conceding only once, and that was after flying out to Qatar

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    I don't think it's possible.

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