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How do I know which batteries on ebay will work with a phone that used this battery?

It was a $40 grocery store phone. And when I type the brand name of the phone on ebay. Radiant Core. Their are no batteries for sale only the phones.

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  • 1 month ago

    Have you considered the possibility that 

    replacement batteries have never been available? 


    These days. when you buy a cheap phone, 

    you are really paying for the battery and you get the phone along with it.  

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  • Carson
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    1 month ago

    Try typing the model number *at the top) and the battery maker and and cross reference it.

    Match the battery values and it's connections



    Mah = milliamp hours

    Match all the numbers you can.

    Voltage MUST BE THE SAME

    2500mah is typical rating

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