Given that we reached the Semi Finals of the last world cup, surely we should be optimistic of the next one ?

Rashford and Kane gives me hope.

Sterling and Henderson and the lot of them.

I wonder however if there are better teams in the world who play better togethe than our lot. Its always been the case.

Will we be in with 'a shout' at the next world cup ? I mean we reached the sf's last time did we not ?

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    4 years is a long time in football. Right now England aren't the best in the world but you can't deny they are on of the best but there's just no outright winner for me whereas ask me in 2011 i can say Spain easily. Let's take a look at some of their key games since 2018. World cup lost to Belgium (although both games were dead rubber you cold argue) twice then to Croatia, the only really good teams they came up against. Well Columbia are decent just weren't as good as they had been four years previously but England did well to win in the shootout and again in the Nations League. But let's go to the Nations League qualifiers now. 4 points from the games against Croatia not bad but a 0-0 draw and a 2-1 win it wasn't made easy for them.  2-1 is the score of the WC semi final game between the two countries as well only with Croatia coming out on top. That's 3 games in the same year against the Croats and it's LDW. Win and a loss against Spain 2-1 loss and 3-2 away win which definitely was impressive. Next up they lose 3-1 to Netherlands AET in the semis and draw with the Swiss only to win on penalties. Finished top of their euro qualifiers group with only one loss against the Czech Republic but look many teams slip up at some point in qualifiers so I won't read too much into it. Scored lots of goals against the poorer sides in the group. To wrap this up it looks like England can win against just about anyone in the world but they also could just as easily lose against the other better teams around. That makes for an exciting unpredictable Euros this summer I hope. I think the competition right now is so strong that if the draw goes against England and they get a team of similar quality they'd be just as likely to lose as they would win. England's games against the better teams are tight games, the World Cup experience and to an extent the Nations League experience could prove to be very valuable. Their players are a good age going into the euros, next world cup and probably next euros as well. If i had to bet I'd say England won't even make the final in any of them given their history of coming up short when it really matters. But if you're an England player you'd want to take those times you've come so close and rectify them these players mostly play for the best teams in England, Sancho has done well in Germany with Dortmund. Many of these guys have winning in their blood. The guys at Liverpool, Man City and Man United have experience winning. Henderson, TAA, Gomez, Chamberlain and Lallana if called upon, Sterling, Walker, Stones (he's sh*t), Foden, Rashford, Lingard (still gets picked for England although a lot less) these guys have all got winning experience. The Spurs lads played under Poch and Mourinho, Liverpool Klopp, Man United Mourinho and Van Gaal, Man City Guardiola. Best managers in the world. Leicester and Chelsea flying high right now with great young englishmen. Ings on fire, Vardy on fire (lol. oh and if he comes back for euros), Calvert-Lewin been banging them in, Abraham got plenty back ups for Kane or impact strikers as well as goals from mids or wings with Sterling, Maddison, Sancho. Holding mids (weakest area) Henderson, Dier, Rice (bit overrated imo) but still good enough players. Secure enough at the back not one centre back I'd call world class but you've got the best right back in the world and Chilwell on the left is pretty good with Bissaka, Walker, Trippier as cover for TAA but not as spoiled for choice at left back. Pickford in goal has a few mistakes in him so maybe i could say that's the weakest area but Henderson i think is good. But it's a solid enough squad with decent players available to call on if needed. So England certainly have a chance of winning something a lot of these players are pretty young still and other young players are ready and waiting if needed. On Southgate I think unless England have an awful euros should stay because the players probably like him they're a better england side than when Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Ferdinand, Rooney and so on were there so a bad Euros is okay but out at the group stages he'll have to go. But they won't go out that early 

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