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Why are cashiers expected to be ditzy and overly happy?

It's like unless you are a guy, customers expect cashiers to be over ditzy and overly happy to the point of being a fake robot. Why when cashiers have problems such as health issues that are literally killing them day by day, why are they expected to be overly happy? Why do we have to fake a smile too much and why can't we talk in normal voices without being seen as unhappy and bad customer service. Why do cashiers have to talk in extremely high ariana grande like voices? Why do guys get to have it easier? Especially if they are white? They can speak in a normal low voice, without customers giving dirty looks about them not smiling too much or talking high enough. Why are customers just overly picky? It's just food, why do we have to be from La La Land? Is there reason people expect girls to act like they are high? 

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  • 8 months ago

    Customer service...doesnt matter if you are a cashier or whatever...doesnt matter at all.  Either you provide good customer service, which absolutely includes smiling and being friendly...or you find another profession.

  • Judy
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    8 months ago

    Where do you get those strange ideas?

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Hey shifferbrains,

    Next time you have a thought, keep it to yourself.

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