What did you think of the Virginia 2nd Amendment Protest? I am a bit underwhelmed at todays news coverage.?

I am disappointed with CNN, Yahoo, Good Morning America, all of the news agencies. After a full week of liberal Democrats in Virginia fear mongering about open warfare with so many people with guns , putting hospitals on alert, yada ydah......here we are the day after and it's not even in the news. Yup. Thousands of law abiding people with guns - not a shot

fired, Nobody hurt. AND NOBODY APOLOGIZING for bad mouthing law abiding citizens.

Why is it, with liberals, the sky is always falling, shouted from the tallest buildings - and when it does not happen they all seem to slink away and act like they never said a word? Can someone explain how this works?

I'm glad we have this protest to look back as a shining example.

Your thoughts?

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  • 8 months ago
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    It doesn't fit the narrative. The socialist propaganda outlets (media) would have to admit they've been lying to us for decades if they admitted that 30K armed civilians showed up in one place at the same time and no one even got shot. They'd rather keep lying to the American public who by and large seems willing to be fed rhetoric, speculation and conjecture without ever questioning it or demanding the truth. 

    The narrative is already written regardless of the facts, the truth is a stranger to liberals in general and their socialist masters. Those of us who actively choose to think for ourselves can see through the deception. MSNBC called us white nationalists at the rally, OAC said hundreds of rebel flags were flying, no one bothered to actually fact check either statement, they just plain lied to the people of the USA and went on as if nothing happened. 

    Source(s): Where deceit is embraced the truth is feared. - Author Unknown
  • Quinn
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    8 months ago

    I'm surprised that you actually thought the anti-gun news media was going to give the story any airtime. Do you not understand that this is how the liberals have been operating since the 1960's? They suppress anything that does not promote their agenda or show that their agenda to be unpopular. They want to brainwash Americans who are naive enough to believe that news outlets such as CNN, Yahoo, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, and other liberal rags are not bias. So why would they want to report on the protest by pro-2nd Amendment against the illegal and un-Constitutional act of the Virginia democrats?

  • 8 months ago

    I think its interesting that these are the people who the legislation will effect most...the people with guns who somehow are NOT the problem...

  • I think that America's gun fetish is a massive problem and underscores why I am in constant fear when I visit America. You don't get credit for not breaking the law. Of course you have a bunch of white supremacists posting fake crap about non-existent bills being considered (and why is it that none of you can understand what this Canadian does- Virginia's governor is limited to one term so he can't run for re-election, which means he leaves office after his 4-year term expires). Here's the thing- if, by your own logic, guns save lives, then wouldn't America, with all its guns, be the safest country on earth with the fewest number of gun deaths? You all have mass shootings at a pace nobody can even keep up with.

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  • BBean
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    8 months ago

    When I raced motorcycles a grandstand announcer  summed up in a cliché that says it all...."News people have come to this event not really wishing bad things to happen...but don`t want to miss it if it does!"

    Nothing bad happened in Virginia...so, nothing to report.

  • Rick
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    8 months ago

    Well GW, the sad reality of all of this is the liberal news media and left wing politicos are all disappointed there were no issues.  This whole issue is not about GUN control.  It's about PEOPLE control.  The left was desperately hoping for newsworthy shows of misbehavior and violent actions on the part of firearms supporters.  For all their efforts they got squat.  All of our brothers and sisters in arms were acting as responsible trustworthy adults.  The warmongering image the left and liberal media love to portray didn't show itself because it doesn't exist.  A small victory was won yesterday because thinking people in America were shown a firearms supporting populous they need not fear.  Of course the left wing politicos and liberal news media are going to ignore this.  Their only other option is to admit they are wrong and.....well, when pigs fly.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Just goes to show law-abiding gun owners are more sensible than CNN and the liberal Dems.

  • 8 months ago

    Did anyone turn up?

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