How do I stop my mom from making me give her money?

(This is long, sorry) I’m a teen, and I recently won $1000 for having a high GPA in school. The money has no connection to my mom, other than her having to give me the documents needed to cash the check. I wanted the money in my hand (less hassle at the bank) but my mom insisted that she put it in a youth account. I had plans for the money and didn’t plan to spend over $400. When we took the first $300 out, she pressured me into going to places I didn’t want to go to to spend the money so I eventually ended up using that for pocket money. Then she said she needed money for a big dinner she wanted to have. (Note: both of my parents have jobs and cars but when they fought they both refused to buy food for the house. My mom also spent money - at least $40 a week - on substances that won’t be named.) So I gave her 250 for food. For the next month or so, the refrigerator would only be filled when I gave up money to do it. Add that to my mom asking for money for gas and he unnamed substances and my money dwindled fast. I was only allowed to go to the bank when my mother needed something or if my brother took me. In the end I had about $200 left. She paid me back some of the money that I had spent on her things for her (about $90) but she was still asking for things. I only got a couple of things, some spending money, and some basics. There’s only $40 left now. It’s late January and I got the money in September. I don’t think I spent more than a little over half of that money.

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  • 1 month ago

    When my kids won $$ awards it always went into their savings for future educational use.

    Now if you dont have a savings you need one and make sure it takes 2 signing parties to withdraw any money...

    You should do that and maybe ask mom for something more mom...50 buck as a treat for me and 50 buck for you both to go to lunch then buy her some flowers for understanding 

    Now you have 900...

    You have bigger things to worry degrees...dorm living...moving away from home...wouldn't you rather have money then.

    Also now is a good time to get mom on board about moving away for will need all you can get

    Congratulations great job

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  • 1 month ago

    Seeing how the money is almost all gone, what's the point in stopping her from spending this money, there is no money anymore.

    For the future, its going to be really difficult to stop this behavior until you are no longer a minor. Once you aren't a minor you can open a bank account in your own name, put the money there, and simply refuse to give any to your mother (just tell here you spend it all yourself if she bugs you).  Until then maybe you could get your dad to open the account with you next time, so your mother won't have access to it?  This may not work if he is also irresponsible or even if your mother bugs him enough but its a thought.

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  • 1 month ago

    Wow you learnt a tough lesson there.   This is  not normal behaviour.  Your mother is a drug addict.   Do you have an aunt  or a grandparent that you can talk to about this, maybe your father?  Your mother needs help urgently.  She will not get clean by  herself.

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    1 month ago

    you need to establish a bank account in the future without the name of your mom, perhaps an aunt or uncle or someone trustworthy over eighteen years old. the acts which your mom performed are common, in my opinion, when the sharks smell the bait, and there is little to correct it, except to be wise and never ever put her name on any of your banking or other documents ever again.

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