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I'm looking for a Hotel near Toronto airport with a Bar/Pub, free airport shuttle and reasonable parking rates while your away on the trip?

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  • 8 months ago

    Not gonna happen.  You said reasonable parking rates, and that's just not possible anywhere near Toronto. 

    Toronto might be the only city on earth where people are charged per day to park at their employer's parking lot.  There are hookers in Las Vegas who charge less per hour than most parking lots in downtown Toronto.  A year's worth of parking fees in Toronto costs more than a friggin' house anywhere in Manitoba.

  • 8 months ago

    While I'm away on the trip? How do you know I'm going on a trip?

    There are hotels that offer free parking near cruise ports. Very few will let people park for free when they fly on a trip. I do know some people who recently left a car in a Marriott parking lot while they went off on a 2 week vacation. They had no idea whether the car would be there when they got back- it was. Google maps will show you all the hotels if you put "Toronto airport hotels" in the search bar. The Hilton has a shuttle to the airport. All the higher priced hotels are going to have bars. You can look at their websites to see if they charge for parking. My guess is that they charge more than the long-term lots at the airport. 

  • 8 months ago

    Try the ALT Hotel Toronto Airport.  Also, a train station (Viscount Station) is next to the hotel and you can park your car there long-term for a fee if the hotel won't let you park without being a guest.

  • 8 months ago

    Good luck. No hotel will allow you to park there when you are not renting room from them for the nights in question.

    If you take a room for the night before you fly out, that is the only night you can park there, period.

    What are the rates for Toronto Airport long term parking?

        Toronto Airport long term parking rates are $50 per day at Express Park, $33 per day at Daily Park, $25 per day at Value Park Garage, and $20 per day at Value Park Lot. Weekly YYZ parking is also offered at Express Park for $185 per week, Value Park Garage for $120 per week, and Value Park Lot for $105 per week. Valet Care, a premium curbside service, also offers daily and weekly parking at $40 per day and $225 per week. A one-time valet premium fee of $25 is applied to any Valet Care parking. Please note that the discounted weekly YYZ parking rates at all garages and lots only applies to the first 7 days of parking.

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