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Can anyone help me find a lizard?

This may be all too much too look for but I’m open to suggestions.  

I’m looking for a lizard around a medium size maybe close to a bearded dragon, not too expensive (in the hundreds is fine), is diurnal, can be or likes being handled.  The only problem I face while trying to find a lizard is that I really want it to have bright colours.  I looked into an Abronia Arboreal Alligator Lizard but those are super rare and I also looked into a jewelled lacerta lizard but many people told me you need to get the humidity spot on or they can get skin infections and digestion issues I think.

Thanks, I’m open to suggestions


Also if it could not be rare to get like an Alligator lizard that would also be appreciated.

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    You can try a desert iguana. They are native to the SW USA. They are docile and even wild ones can be handled, because they love the warmth of the human hand, and they won't try to escape while they are absorbing the heat from your hand. They are vegetarians and they are diurnal. They are very heat tolerant, and they can survive temperatures hot enough to kill most other vertebrates. Even when you have temperatures in your city of over 100 deg. F, it won't bother them at all. They are not as colorful as a green iguana, but they are pretty good looking in their own right and inexpensive. Alligator lizards have very strong jaws, and they may bite if they are frightened. You may be interested in a captive born Gila monster. They are super colorful and cute, but they are not for beginners, and they are expensive. Because they are venomous, it may also be illegal to keep them in some cities where it is illegal to keep venomous reptiles.

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