Explain this confusing line to me, please?

I am reading an article about tires and I don’t understand the expression in capital letters. I am not a native English speaker. Please, explain this expression to me, thanks:

“We don't just make great tires. We believe that we're a company that's a technology-driven mobility company.

We believe we are a company that continues evolving FROM MAKING A PRODUCT TO MOVING OVER TO ENABLING MOBILITY.

Company X will continue to be an integral part of the mobility ecosystem”

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    It is poor wording.  I think they were trying to say that it is more than just about the tires themselves, but what those tires allow people to do.

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  • 1 month ago

    Tires are boring and not something we pay attention to unless necessary.

    Hence companies need to find ways to attract us. 


    Is just another marketing gimmick essentially. They want you to buy from them and are trying to make you realise they have something you need.

    Companies try all sorts of stunts to make sales. Ultimately it's your money, so spend it wisely at the company which provides a quality product, at the best price.

    My general rule with tyres is to buy product which performs well in the wet to minimise aquaplaning (so you don't skid). That is usually the most dangerous driving condition for this region, so is the critical condition of purchase for me.

    Hence I find a recommended tyre, then do a ring around for the best price. If the people who gave the best original advice are the cheapest or close to it, then that's the company I purchase from.

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