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why do people like to watch movies? (Especially Hollywood ones) i dont understand it?

i have been a mostly abstainer of movies ever since i was old enough to think more clearly at around 18 or 20, and have not watched tv or movies hardly at all since...but i just dont understand why so many people like movies? even somewaht intelligent people wanting to go see the latest movie. etc. why?



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    No matter the intelligence of the mind, or lack of, some enjoy movies so they can turn their brain off, escape everyday cares, distract themselves from real life.

    Some like myself enjoy a good story, no matter if by a campfire with friends, a book, an audio book or a movie. I like my imagination to be sparked, made interested, in short entertained.

    Some enjoy movies because it is their passion, they want to create movies / stories in the visual arts for that is what they are for feel they are good at.

    I'm sure there are more reasons why some people enjoy movies, stories on film; it is not up for others to judge, belittle or look down on those who do; that is bad form and attitude.

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    If you don't go to the movies, perhaps you're not aware that most are in fact NOT set in a fantasy world. And even when they are, most of those are not 'boring' or 'ugly' either.

    Maybe it's time for you to go and see half a dozen of the world's classics; you might realise that while books are of course wonderful, a good film can be wonderful too.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    A good movie can reveal a part of the human experience, or help people escape from reality. For many people, they watch movies to escape the stress of life or bond with their family. While a good book can do the same, not many people have vivid enough imagination to be there. Also, some movies can be reflective or deeply philosophical. It's a common theme nowadays to recount history, true history, and some films do an amazing job of it. Movies are also a way to unite people, and it can help in life as a conversation starter. I know firsthand they can strengthen relationships. With movies, there are lots of bad ones, but there are also many good ones. It's a source of memories and good times. Intelligent people can watch movies, it helps them relate to others, be critical, and also increase imagination. Try watching classics like "The Seventh Seal", it just might be worth your while.

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    People love to watch Movies for the sake of Entertainment. Some people tend to imagine themselves in that fiction story while watching the movie. And for some it is Time Pass. Read More News at

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    NOT PHILOSOPHY. Wrong forum. Question reported.



  • j153e
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    The visual arts are, in a phenomenological perspective, images apart from real-world human consequentialism (i.e., not directly a function of basic physical needs, more up an alleged spiral of self-actualization's_hierarchy_o... )--however, much of so-called "art" is psychologistic, self-therapeutic, etc.  Further complicating the Aesthetic is the typical admixture of disparate elements within the artist's impulse, and secondarily some "mere" technical ability. 

    The beauty of a rose blossom, a seashell, a sunrise, and so on, are a third category, being of naturalism and primarily apart from human causality of either necessity or impulse to create or express.

    Then, to give an opinion as answer to your question, there is mass consciousness, describable as a gray miasma of human emotions, which often has a herd or crowd ingredient; being in the group has a part in such "everybody's doing it" activity.

    Then there are, in the mass consciousness, some typical issues of tension, positive and/or negative, which e.g. movies address, give form, action, and concept to.  Such popular art is where fortunes are made, by being just ahead of the mass consciousness.

    Another part of the pleasure in sitting in a darkened room and watching images projected on a screen (hello, Plato's Cave analogy) is that of waking subconscious dynamics, often becoming one's own private dreams, but presented as waking dreams for the audience.

    The more rare movies, such as "King of Hearts" or "Meetings with Remarkable Men" or the 1934 "A Midsummer Night's Dream" are truly educational for love and mind.


    "Creation:  Artistic and Spiritual;"

    "Shakespeare's Window into the Soul;"

    "The Path of the Higher Self."

  • 8 months ago

    Who could not like a movie like Ben Hur? I like movies made in the glory days of Hollywood, where real people and places were used. TODAY'S movies are all fake computer generated crap.

  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    cause theyre fun to watch

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I'm the same way regarding movies I just don't care for them specially today's ones but the old classic ones are truly art. So. Could be the times really what's putting you off topics suck.

  • 8 months ago

    Movie going (for me) is the equivalent of taking the kids fishing - it's mostly about them

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