Why does everyone dislike me?

What pisses me the most is that it is so explainable why i'm being disliked. I'm always doing my best not to be annoying, i wear fashionable clothes, like Gucci, Hollister, Zara, and Nike, I take shower everyday, i have a decent haircut, just like everyone else, and i literally spray deodorant four times a day. Despite all that people at my uni never invite me out, and always stare at me as if they r bout to punch me.


I never overshare personal things, i nvr msg people, i always wait for them to msg me, and i never post anything on social media.

3 Answers

  • kristy
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Maybe it’s your personality and how you treat people.

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    cause theyre mean, try to find friends elsewhere, i dont have a lot of friends myself

  • C
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    I suspect you assume that everyone dislikes you but I think it's much more likely that they don't notice you at all.  People are wrapped up in their own affairs at uni and don't make a happy face for you any more than they would for a bicycle chained to a railing.

    I'm a bit puzzled why you started your sketch of yourself with your clothes, like just wearing the right thing would make you friends without you doing the work to be social.  Do you even like your clothes?  If you don't that discomfort with yourself will show more than looking fashionable.  Yes, clothes are a signal or tribe or aspiration, but in the end they're still only clothes.  As for hygiene, well I should hope it's just taken for granted not to be offensively dirty, but you don't need to douse yourself in spray on deodorant four times a day if you wash daily (and even if you don't).  After liberal spray number two if we were on the same bus I'd have to get off before a migraine started, let alone number four!

    The thing that stands out most is that in your quest "not to be annoying" you're completely passive.  Why on earth would anyone invite you anywhere?  There's no sense of a personality at all.  What are your interests?  What new things would you like to try while you're at uni (where it's safe(r) to mess up while trying out new things).  Do you ever strike up conversations?  Have you joined societies?  Do you go to their meeting/or pub nights?  Do you live in student accommodation?  If so why didn't you join in in the Freshers' Week activities?  Do you talk to people while waiting for the fire department to come out and give the all clear after the obligatory 3am fire alarm?  Talk to people in a queue?  Nobody makes friends with a shop mannequin, especially not one which sets off their asthma.  You have to give of yourself to get.  Yep, oversharing and too much too soon is a thing but you're at the opposite extreme!

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