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why is it that i hate actors like Bruce Willis and Kevin Costner? (I cant stand their "tough guy/macho man image"? or other?)?

i dont know why i hate actors like Bruce Willis especially, but does he not come off as like he thinks he is a "real man's man" like "no other man is more manly than him "? why he does that? and or what is it? Kevin Costner also is more subtley like that. I am a man, and i am not jealous, but i just cant stand their "macho style"..for some other reason, why?

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    I kind of know what you mean.  At least Willis has a sense of humor about it (as does Arnold Schwartzenegger).  An action hero  has only a few good years, and the rest of his career he plays a caricature of himself.  Schwartzenegger has done this MUCH better than Sylvester Stalone.  So has Willis.

    I dislike Tom Cruise for the same reason.  He's pretty good in the kind of films he makes but he's still a macho jerk.  For instance, insisting he does all his own stunts.  We know he wasn't -really- hanging outside the door of an airplane taking off.  At his age today I really doubt he does anything really dangerous.  Buster Keaton, now there was a guy who did has own stunts!

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