What should I make?

I'm a small coder who knows batch

Wondering if anybody knows some things I can make like just a idea

Don't put your own code unless I ask incase I get stuck on some code

U can also say if u want to use this code and I'll send it to u, I don't give a fudge bout u giving me credit if u post it u can even say u made it :p

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    I'll assume that "batch" is the language that the Windows Command Prompt uses to run .BAT files.  It's an interesting language, capable of implementing more complex programs than most people believe it can.

    It's also a royal nuisance to try to actually write that code.  You only have integer arithmetic; you have to invent your own protocol for returning values from a called subroutine (since the CALL command doesn't support any return value), complex conditions need to be spread over multiple if statements (sort of like programming in assembly language), and the syntax for different kinds of % variables is uneven, and done at the wrong time in a multiline FOR loop.

    One of the classic challenges that batch programmers have taken on is creating a text adventure game.  You have all the basic tools you need for that.  Probably the hardest thing to manage is restoring a saved game.  You can do the save by a series of ECHO statements redirected to a file.  That's easy.  You can manage a restore by using a FOR command with the /F option, and being very careful about how you format the saved game file when you create it.

    Other simple games are possible, too.  But the results tend to be like a dog walking on two legs.  What's impressive is not that the dog does it well, but that the dog does it at all.  So, pick something *you* think is fun.  Most "interesting" programs are a lot more work in batch than in other languages, so if you're not enjoying the challenge, you're wasting your time.

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