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How to get my old dog to stop peeing in the basement?

I have a cocker spaniel mini poodle mix. He's about 13 years old but really has no health issues besides anxiety sometimes. Within the passed few months he hasn't been whining at the door when he needs to pee. he just goes in the basement and will purposely go when no one sees him. Ive done my best to listen for him going down there and bring him outside but he always finds a way to pee directly on my dads toolboxes and other things (which is causing me to get in a lot of trouble) Any suggestions on how to stop this bad habit?

I've tried pee pads, he won't use them.


I am also not allowed to get a doggy door for him

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    First of all get him checked - he could have a UTI or even bladder stones.  Collect some of his urine and take it, fresh, and him to your vet.

    And as he's getting on in years, you may have to be more regular with his trips outside to empty.   Sometimes having a veteran is as much work as having a puppy as they start having problems.

    No dog who has been clean for years, will use a pee pad, nor should they.

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    Then take the dog outside before it disappears into your basement  and fit an alarm bell so you know when it attempts to access the basement.

  • 8 months ago

    Block off access to the basement

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Baby gate will keep him from going down there.    He may start peeing elsewhere.

    Talk to your vet about this.   There may be medication that can help even if this is behavioral and medical issues have been ruled out. 

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  • 8 months ago

    How do you know he has no health issues? When was the last time he saw a vet? At 13 he's a senior so should be going to the vet at the LEAST once a year for a geriatric panel. For the PAST FEW MONTHS he's been doing this and you haven't had him checked out????

    Shut the door to the basement so he CAN'T go down there. Then you'll be more apt to notice when he has to go. Let him out more often. Older dogs can't hold their pee as long. And GET HIM TO THE VET There could be something serious going on that's causing him to pee more frequently/not be able to hold it when he has to go.

    The LAST thing you should be doing is using pee pads and ENCOURAGING him to piss and poop in your house - seriously????

  • 8 months ago

    i would take him to the vet to find out why hes doing that

  • Susie
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    8 months ago

    Maybe he doesn’t like to go outside for some reason. Put a gate in front of basement steps and put down a pee pad.  If he can’t go to the basement maybe he will go outside again or maybe he is just getting health issues. 

  • Mandy
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    8 months ago

    Take him to the doctor.  Animals don’t just start doing things like that if everything’s ok.

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