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How often to change 5 gallon tank- betta fish water?

I change my fish's water about every 1-3 weeks and I do full water changes. I've had the fish for about 5 months with no problems. Is this a good water change routine or should I do things differently? 

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  • Bort
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    A full water change is not a good idea. The reason for changing the water is primarily to keep the water conditions stable. Things like food they don't eat and anything that's died contaminate the water with amonia and some other chemicals that both reduce the quality of the water and effect the waters conditions (ph, chlorination, alkalinity).

    You want the water to get established and stabalize it self. Changing all of the water is not allowing it to do that. Unless there's a disease like ich or fisheye/bubble eye water changes shouldn't ever be more than 80% changes.

    50% regularly.

    If all you have is a small 1 to 5 gallon aquarium you don't even need to do water changes regularly you can get away with only doing them as needed such as when the water gets foggy or you can't get the conditions to balance and stay where they need to be.

    Changing all of the water that often is not a good thing because you want some of the existing water to help balance the conditions in the new water.

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    1-3 weeks is good . If its cycled you can go up to a month with a 30% change

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    You should NEVER change a of the water in the tank.  You should never remove your fish from the tank unless it is absolutly neccassary.  

    Get a gravel vacuum and use it to change 25-35% of the water once a week while sifting through the gravel.

    I am assuming you have a heater and filter.  but do you have tests for the water?  You should consider getting a tester for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

    You need to find out if your tank is cycled, as doing full water changes may have prevented the filter from completeing the nitrogen cycle.  

    If your results are zero ammoni, and zero nitrite.  then test nitrate.  Nitrate will be preseant in a cycle tank.  You want to keep nitrate near 20ppm.  if the nitrate is higher then 30ppm then you probobly need to do more water changes then you are.  25% once a week is generally the minimum.

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    i would ask someone at a pet store about it

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