Major Life Decision Advice About Degrees and Law School?


Should I take two more years of school to achieve a Master's I probably won't use but enjoy, then go to law school? Or should I just aim to graduate with a Bachelor's and enjoy 1 year of life, work(maybe), and study for the LSAT?

Does a Master's look better on Law School applications?


 I graduated with my Associate in Arts Degree and my High School Diploma at the same time. However, for the program of English Education, I wasn't told I needed an Education course (wasn't able to take it at the community college anyways) so I took a year of advanced English "elective" courses and a minor in Poli Sci for my First Year. The program, however, is rigid in class sequence so I can't accelerate even if I wanted to.  *Here are my two possibilities (any advice, personal life lessons, or opinions/criticism?): 1) I could graduate in Spring 2024 with a Master's Degree in English Secondary Education. Maybe avoid debt since Bright Futures would cover half the expenses and financial aid the rest. Then Fall 2024 enroll in law school within the same university (Florida State University). Little time to study for LSAT though. 2) Graduate Fall 2021 with a basic Bachelor's in English, since I currently have 90 credits (not counting this semester). No debt.Take a gap year by moving back with my parents or my fiancé and study for the LSAT (does it impact amount of scholarship money?). However, not sure how to utilize my degree into a possible job. Then enroll in FSU Law. 

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  • 2 months ago

    i would just do what you want to do the most

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    lt's up to you, but l reaIIy didn't find the LSAT difficuIt at aII, especiaIIy if you get a humanities degree (poli sci, etc). At my schooI they had course requirements for them that basicaIIy prepared you for the content on the LSAT anyway, like mandatory Iogic classes, phiIosophy cIasses, etc. Many cIasses were heavy on reading and analyzing, so you wouId be weII prepared for the LSAT. The LSAT isn't like the MCAT or anything, and l reaIIy cringe at the idea of someone taking a year off just to study for it. If you work while studying that's fine. You can do a Iot with a bacheIor's in English if you're resourceful. You couId be a teacher, journalist, etc. l met an EngIish major who started a programming job straight out of undergrad with only on-the-job training and the company paid for them to take night cIasses at a college eventuaIIy. It's up to you since you know yourself best, but l think whatever you decide shouId be alright.

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