College Advice for Freshmen [major]?

I'm a second semester freshmen, and I am always mildly shocked whenever someone in my class says they know exactly why they chose their major and that they're sticking with it. Because I cannot relate, mkay. I'm a chemistry major and honestly, I know chose it moreso because of the potential pay. I KNOW I want to be secure in my finances to the point I have significant excess $$$, and I KNOW that I want to be in a position where I can collab with a small team. I do find chemistry itself to be interesting during labs, BUT MAN THOSE LECTURES ARE KILLER. My goal with chemistry though is to enter the med field.

On another note, I KNOW I like learning languages and I understand that can make me more marketable, but the career opportunities + pay with the type of lifestyle I want to live? It just doesn't add up to me. Can someone please enlighten me?

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  • Expat
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    8 months ago
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    You don’t really explain what exactly you want to know. Are you asking why some students know why they chose their majors and are sticking with them? Are you asking if studying languages can make for a lucrative career? Or are you asking if you find the lectures dull but the labs interesting will chemistry be a good major for you to pursue and get a career? 

    I’ll take a stab at each one; I’m a university professor for 20+ years and I’m used to confused students.

    1. Some students just know what they want and have known all their lives sometimes. This doesn’t mean they’re any happier or will be more successful; it just means they’re sure for the moment. Don’t worry; it seems like you have a good idea why you chose it and how it can be useful. Chemistry is an excellent major.

    2. Studying languages is a good idea to do along with your chemistry study. You don’t need a minor or anything like that, but try and do well in them, and if you’re in the US, choose Spanish. There are MANY great jobs in the petrochemical field and Spanish can be a great help, even if you’re not fluent but can get by. Linguistics is my field, so I know a thing or two about languages.

    3. Lectures and life are rarely the same. If you enjoy the labs, you’ll likely enjoy the life. The lectures are important, as there’s a lot you need to know backwards and forwards if you’re going to make a career from it. Companies want people who KNOW their field, not people who took a class but didn’t learn it. 

    Hope that helps! Good luck! 

  • drip
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    8 months ago

    You know you like languages, so go learn them. Liking a subject doesn’t mean you major in it or plan out a career in the field.  

    Why are you shock that someone can actually know what they want to do and stick with the same major they went in with?  Plenty of student do just that.

    Not everyone wants or needs to make the salary of a medical doctor to be satisfied.

  • JR
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    8 months ago

    I KNOW you have plenty of time and prerequisites to complete so don’t worry about it

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