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bronchitis or pneumonia or just the aftermath of the flu and my stress hitting me?

So after dealing with the flu for almost 2 weeks I’m finally feeling much better, I had a bad cough but that has subsided ALOT!! I have spit up green mucus and then for 3 days had very little brown coming up as well. That stop but I still have slight wheezing especially when I breathe in I can feel it like almost in my stomach and my left lung and I feel mostly everything on the left side of my chest/lung sick I was really sick. I had palpitates but I also ovulate yesterday and I had some tightness muscle feeling pain on the left side of my chest then tonight it went to both sides of my back but I took a tranquilizer and it went away for the most part but I also been dealing with a racing heart I feel hyper but at the same time I can get like this from stress and after ovulation. I still feel weak and tired after I stay up for sometime my body starts to hurt and I want to sleep but as I said I am way better then what I was. Is this the aftermath of the flu or bronchitis or pneumonia? I have no fever 

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    2 months ago

    Where do you think you are right now? Where?  Your question info reads like a medical history which might have worked if it were real, but its not!

    You wrote way TMI... you know there are no medical people here so why do you go on and on and on and on?  Why?

    After all is said and done, what its called is not worth a hill of beans!

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