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Two long, parallel conductors carry currents I1 = 3.00 A and I2 = 2.50 A, both directed into the plane of the computer screen in the figure ?

Determine the magnitude and direction of the resultant magnetic field at P.

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    This is WAY too small to read.

    Assuming I₁ is at the top and the distance to P is d₁, then the field strength at P due to I₁ is

    B₁ = µ₀*I₁ / 2πd₁

    where µ₀ = 4πe-7 T·m·s/C

    The direction is perpendicular to the line from I₁ to P, down and left.


    B₂ = µ₀*I₂ / 2πd₂

    and the direction is down and to the right.

    If the three lines in your diagram form a right triangle, then it should be quite straightfoward to find the magnitude and direction of B.

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