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My daughters Vegan and her period has stopped?

Hello, my daughter is 23 and she has been vegan 6 years. I disagree with her diet choice for reasons like this and other deficiencys. I'm seriously worried and i have tried making her a meals with high iron like liver and steak etc and she is not having it. She is set in her moral ways and i need to try break that ethic mentality so that I can save my daughter. This is bad news as this is the 3rd month that she has missed her menstrual cycle. She bought iron supplements and she is taking them and still nothing. I don't want to lose my beautiful daughter. Helpp!!! 

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    Obviously supplements won't work. They are synthetic chemicals and not real nutrients. The iron your daughter is taking is just building up in the body and being stored in her liver and not being used. She needs HEME iron from animal tissue. Not iron plants. Non heme iron is completely useless for the body. Women need more iron than men in general because of this reason, the bleed iron back out each month. unfortunately this is veganism does, it kills people eventually. Your daughter is in end stage veganism right now. Meaning (little to no nutrients left in storage) 

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    Not trying to throw shade in any way, but there is no chance she is pregnant, is there? If that isn't the case, suggest that she see her doctor for an exam to rule out anything really serious or life-threatening, and from there see if they can possibly give her some suggestions that abide by her veganism, but still will help her get her body back to the way it should be. Just an FYI, even though she is your daughter and you love her, you really need to treat her like an adult and abide by her wishes regarding her body and her lifestyle.

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    Your adult daughter who you don't get along with keeps you updated on her menstrual cycle..?

    None of this ever happened.

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    that can happen if she is very low weight and her body fat is below what should be healthy. that sometimes happens to extreme athletes and anorexics. When your body fat drops below a certain level, your body can no longer successfully support a pregnancy and often the period just stops.

    Its NOT just from being vegan.

    If she is eating enough calories, she would be getting all the nutrients.

    there are other health conditions that can cause it too.

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    Is she pregnant and just not telling you? Of course a vegan isnt going to eat liver. Prepare a meal with high iron veggies instead

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    Your daughter is an adult and can make her own decisions. Having you nag is not going to change her mindset. Lay off.

     I understand that watching her abuse the healthy body that you gave her is upsetting. But you cannot force her to eat what you want. 

    And apparently her diet is catching up with her as it does to the majority of veg*ns since almost 90% of them eventually add meat back into their diet.

    Could you get her to go to a doctor and get her blood tested for any deficiencies? If they show up, you have hard scientific proof that her health is declining.

    If it offers any comfort, my cousin's daughter started eating meat again after about 20 years as some kind of vegetarian, as did this woman:

    But having you nag her will likely only make her more determined.

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    Lame trolling. If you weren't trolling you wouldn't have gone anonymous.

    Only a troll (or idiot) would seek medical advice here instead of going to a dr.

    You anti vegans are so pathetic you come here just to get your jollies

    harassing vegans daily.

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    "My daughters Vegan and her period has stopped?"

    What follows that I'm going to say, can't be covered in a single one let alone two or three paragraphs. Now as a point of fact, I'm neither a vegetarian nor am I a vegan. However I do know that those done correctly, can be healthy for many, but also they're not the diet for everyone either. I like everyone here, am NOT a dietitian, nutritionist, nor any type of a medical professional. Nor am I, nor do I consider myself some nutritional expert or self declared expert, as SOME in this section would make themselves out to be.

    Ok in the one answer, having her see a gynecologist is a piece of valid advice, as also the statement that she a full legal adult, and is legally by law, entitled to make her own decisions.However the ending of her menstrual cycle could indicate something else. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements are NOT going to be enough, to rectify that issue. Also taking a for a month or even two, is not necessarily a long enough period of time, for her period to return. The return of her cycle can take a few months to happen. Also a nutrient that many vegans can come up short on is choline, along with vitamin B12, if they're not eating foods that are rich in choline, or has been fortified with vitamin B12.

    Something that many young people, especially the younger females, is the use of veganism, to hide an eating disorder, known as anorexia. Taking supplements isn't going to help, especially if she's dropped below the critical weight, that is required for females to continue t have their periods. The only way to determine if she's below the critical weight, is to check her weight, and she if she's underweight, and how much if she is underweight.The strict vegetarian diet CAN BE a very low calorie diet, and has been used by many anorexics. More than a few has been caught in this section, that's been using veganism to hide their anorexic eating behavior. 

    However without seeing exactly the types of foods she's eating, there's no way anyone can assess if she's eating enough calories or not. I would suggest that you try a few small tests, to see if she's taking in enough calories. There are other plant based foods which are also high in calories, that can be gotten. A Google search can bring up a sizable list of those. There are some high caloric foods that are vegetarian/vegan suitable. 

    Get her some nuts, seeds such as sunflower seeds, along with nut butters or spreads. Those are very high calorie foods. If she refuses those, saying that they're to high in calories  and/or fats/oils, that is a huge red flag, and a very strong signal that she's following an anorexic diet. If that happens, then the next step is to do what's known as an intervention, and get her into see a psychologist. If she is an anorexic, then understand that she's in for a lifelong battle with it, much like those who are recovering from a drug addiction, or are alcoholics. The only main difference between those, is that anorexia is a serious mental health issue, that can and has killed many  people.

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    At 23, she is an adult and as such can make her own dietary decisions. No matter what you feel about the situation, she can do WHATEVER she wants. She will not die from being a vegan as long as she takes vitamins and supplements. You are being very silly. Missing her period may have NOTHING to do with veganism by the way. For that problem she should see a gynecologist. And BTW, even if her health is affected it still is NONE of your business. You are overstepping your boundaries. Time for you to calm down. Go see a therapist if you cannot stop being such an overbearing lunatic.

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    Your daughter is an adult. You are free to voice your opinion to her. But beyond that you need to let her live her life. No idea what "break that ethic mentality" means.

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    Does she eat every day, more often then not the problem isn’t being vegan so much as she completely stops eating for a while and isn’t getting any nutrients at all.

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