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How do I change my life?

I am 21 years old. I have no job no freinds and no hope. I feel like I cant get things right or do anything right. I dont have any education i have not been to school since 7th grade. I can barely multiply. I tried getting my ged like 4 times and then quite. I tried out summer landscape work it lasted about a week before I quit that. I really cant hold myself inline. I am tired of living with my parents. And they can tell you it hasnt been easy having me as a child. Lately i been up all night and sleeping all day. Iv gotten fat and ugly life seems like its killing me. When I was a teen I never thought id be this way. I never cared about anything and thought cussing teachers and fighting and all around showing my butt was fun and once school was over I would be free from the world and all would be fine. But I'm now 21 and cant find work. I live in a small town and news travels I said some really messed up stuff to my last boss. I have a pretty bad reputation from facebook as well. Cussing people out what not. I manage to make enough by helping my uncle around the house just to pay my phone bill thats like 20 dollars a day cutting grass or cleaning the yard. I have no income. Im really good at making a mess of things. Making a mess of situations. I only talk to my parents my uncle and my grandma thats the only people in my life. Iv tried reading the bible. Going to church I managed to piss off the preacher and had memebers of the church wanting to beat me. 


I dont have much faith and I felt like I was looked down on in church so I sent the preacher a pic of my poop and said it was holy poop. I just wish I could do things the right way. Have a normal life and not lose several bank accounts. I have terrible credit due to loans. I dug myself a pretty deep hole and it keeps getting deeper. 

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    who says you need faith. even Christians do not have that. google ron regan. it is an eye opener. as for deep in debt. I know that feeling only to well. take it slow.

    you have brains, you just forgot how to be a nice person.

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  • LAN
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    1 month ago

    Stop making stupid choices.  It's really just that simple, but you will continue to make excuses for your pathetic life choices because doing something different is just too hard for you.

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  • Mini
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    1 month ago

    You have succeeded at being a troll in life. 

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  • ?
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    1 month ago

    I don't know but anybody with a 7th grade education who can write and summarize the way you do is very smart.

    Maybe a bunch of jerks gave you the black sheep role and you fell into the label. 

    • Mike1 month agoReport

      I always been good at reading. I liked books 

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