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What are your favourite TV characters out of these?

Saddam Hussein (South Park), Sam Eagle (Muppets), Sancho (Mysterious cities of gold), Sandi Griffin (Daria), Satan (South park), Seer (Vikings), Sheila Broflovski (South Park), Shelly marsh (South Park), Mr Slave (South Park), Principal Skinner (The Simpsons), Snake (Degrassi), Snuffleupagus (Sesame Street), Sophie (Dead Set), Space (Dead set), Spike (Degrassi), Stacy Rowe (Daria), Swedish Chef (Muppets), S. Mouse (Angry Boys), Saffron Monsoon (Ab Fab), Salvatore Johansson (Girls), Samantha Jones (SATC), Samwell tarley (GOT), Sansa Stark (GOT), Santa’s little helper (The Simpsons), Sarah (Ab Fab), Sarah Palmer (twin Peaks), Sasha Williams (TWD), Scooter (Muppets), Shane Walsh (TWD), Sharon Marsh (South Park), Shelly Johnson (Twin Peaks), Shiva the Tiger (TWD), Shoshanna Shapiro (Girls), Sgt Abraham Ford (TWD), Siggy (Vikings), Simon Casey (teachers), Simon Dexter (Degrassi), Sophia Peletier (TWD), Spencer Monroe (TWD), Stan Marsh (South Park), Stan Smith (American Dad), Stannis Baratheon (GOT), Stanley Hudson (The Office), Stephanie Kaye (Degrassi), Stephen Gardiner (Wolf Hall), Steve Smith (American Dad), Stewie Griffin (Family Guy), Susie Rivera (Degrassi), Sam (TWD), Sylvia Horne (Twin Peaks).

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    Principal Skinner. Most of these shows aren't very good.

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    I'm going to go with Sylvia Horne because twin peaks makes me think of boobs

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