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Please help!!!!!  -I pleaded not guilty when guilty for a traffic ticket?

Last year I got into a car accident which warranted a ticket. there were no witnesses, but I was sent to the hospital. the officer said i needed to provide proof of insurance when paying for the ticket, but when i had called my insurance company, they said that they had mailed me a letter saying they cut me off 2 months beforehand. i was unable to retrieve this letter in the first place because i was couch surfing(homeless), and still am, so any mail sent to the address on file doesnt go to me. recently tho, i got pulled over for a suspended license which I had thought shouldnt have been suspended because i paid my ticket,(forgot about the insurance thing) but i didnt know it was suspended for the same reason(I didnt recieve it). i just came from court today, panicked, and pleaded not guilty. dont know how, it just happened. they only asked to provide them with proof of insurance by trial which i do not have. i fear that i screwed myself here. would i get off easy if i told them my situation and said something like "i didnt know i wasnt insured during that time until now for these reasons.." ... What would i say if the judge asks why i didn't know i wasn't insured before todays court date? ...or am i ****** ******?

Im 22, im alone and homeless, im just trying to survive, how could i get any leniency?

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    Not likely. You already failed to provide proof of insurance last year. Then you were caught driving with a suspended license. Since you still cannot provide proof of insurance, you have been driving uninsured (which is illegal) for who knows how long.

    This wasn’t a one-off single offense, so I wouldn’t expect any leniency if I were you.

    • Sasha1 month agoReport

      I was only driving uninsured for two months last year. Ive been insured since though.

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