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What would you do in this situation about falling in love with a new friend and being friendzoned afterwards?

I met this man last year in October. We talked nonstop on Facebook Messenger and I took initiatives to express my liking for him. He seems to back away when I do this especially when I ask him questions that sound flirtatious, inviting him out for a meetup, and when I stupidly hold his hands or put my hand on his arm. He backs away and try to ignore it by just acting friendly until he is blatantly ignoring me from time to time starting Christmas. Then around first week of January, I confessed to him and apologized about how I liked him. He told me it's okay and he was worried if we're no longer gonna be friends after that. I said sure, we can remain friends, why not? So we talk casually from time to time instead of everyday and have less meetup (we did some dancing at his house and he knew this like it is on our schedule). Then when I ask him for another meetup (no more dancing but discussing some shared hobby), he felt awkward by it and didn't reply to me. It is never my intention to feel in love with him again as I ask him about that (if I am at fault here, I'll try to stop). 

Because of this, I felt like I had it and I can no longer take him seriously because I can't take these awkward or uncomfortable moments anymore. Like a while agi when he talked to me on Messenger out of the blue to discuss our other shared hobby, I am no longer inclined to talk to him. And that he is starting to become boring. Am I at fault here if I decide to ignore him once and for all? 


*a while ago

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    You might as well and you can spend your energy on worthwhile things if you gonna ignore him forever you can inform him and move on

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    It is totally okay to decide that someone you've been flirting with for 3 months, or being platonic with as well, isn't rewarding enough for you to continue the effort. It's fine. You moved too fast and quite quickly now you realize he no longer even interests you. If you don't want more of this, then don't HAVE more of it!

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    No!! Not at all. You can chose who to have in your life and who to kick out. I am in love with my best friend actually!!! I met him last June and he dated one of my two close girlfriends. I know he doesn't feel the same so Im actually considered ending the friendship because of how much it hurts me (even though i love him so much I could cry!!). Moral of the story, if you are uncomfortable or can't take him seriously, it is YOUR life, you can choose who to let in and out. :)

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