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Stupid racist family member, help?

I'm mixed race white and south asian.

My brother says that I can't be with a white guy or that it would be very difficult because I don't look white enough. And that it would be easy to be with a black guy.

I myself would actually just be with someone of any race that I would actually fancy, have feelings for and be in love with.

But it bothered me. Is it true that most white men do not like women who do not look white/ caucasian? Is the world still this race obsessed to this degree?


Not asian as in chinese, asian as in indians, pakistani, bengali. I don't have chinese features so those men do not like my features I guess

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    I wouldn't worry about it.  If you find someone worthy of you, they're unlikely to care what your DNA says and more about what you say.  Go where your heart goes, tell your brother to suck it, and let your instincts guide you.

    A tremendous amount of things you find online are going to contradict what you'll find offline, as the internet is very good at contorting matters negatively--either because there are folks so miserable with their lives they try to make everyone else miserable, or because more often than not...people don't write and/or speak of something unless it was bad--that sticks to the mind better.

    We're living in a time of equality far greater than any other era in history, and proof of that is how hard the racists and supremacists are fighting to keep race in the front of thought.

    On a side note, most white men find Asians incredibly attractive--actually going as far as to have a preference for women with more Asian features.

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