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How do I stop bad memories from the past from haunting me and keeping me awake at night?

im 25 and things ive done from school days from 7 to 13 years ago still come up in my mind. it mainly occurs when im trying to sleep at night, or random times of the day. like an old girlfriend ive hurt verbally which i horribly regret and refusal to interact with others at the time. its coming up in my mind more frequently nowadays because i wouldve acted completely different if i had my current mindset. it disrupts my sleep and i just want to move on. any advice? please help.

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    You need to address these issues when you are awake. Think them through and decide how to resolve them. Very often resolution is accepting there's nothing you can do about it. If you don't resolve these things by day, they'll come back and haunt you at night.

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