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Is personal health more than what the scales say, and how far you can run?

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    Health fields have been leaning towards the idea of holistic wellness in the modern era. (And that's not quite what Sally from yoga does as a "wellness coach").

    We've found that if we fix something, it will just happen again if you continue other behaviors and situations in your life. If you can run far, you can still get cancer. If you don't have some sort of resistance training, you get osteoporosis, but weight training if you're very stressed is just more stress to your body, getting you fat and giving you diabetes. etc etc.

    Personal health IMO is summed up as one's ability to function in the world. That incorporates mental health, cardio and resistance, biological health, aka no cancer, no tooth infections spreading to the blood, emotional health, the ability to cry, laugh, get a hug, and what I would call logical health, because screaming "**** Trump" or throwing plates when your boyfriend implied you were fat by asking if we have any butter is not beneficial to mental, emotional, biological, or social health when you go to jail for shooting him after he slaps you. However, you'll finally have time to work out.

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    How are you defining personal health?

    Because a healthy weight and a strong, active body are supposed to be part of the definition. They are part and parcel of "personal health".

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